Time to vote for the winner of the Pokemon X & Y Starter Evolution Contest!  There will be one winner for each of the three Starters!

The winner will receive…

a custom sprite of his entry (or another Fakemon if he wishes)


the power to choose the theme or type of a Pokemon for the Omnis Region

Click the name of the Pokemon to go to the original post and read more information about the design!

  1. Fanakindle (Fire/Normal) by pospheria
  2. ??? (Fire) by riceontherun
  3. ??? (Fire/Psychic) by keshimeg
  4. Kaskisei (Fire/Psychic) by draikou
  5. Scorchia (Fire/Flying) by levitating-fox
  6. Mockafox (Fire/Fighting) by machinationsofanenigma
  7. ??? (Fire/Psychic) by identitypollution
  8. Flarrikin (Fire/Dragon or Fire/Fighting) by tokitoide
  9. Nomadine (Fire/Ground) by nageki
  10. Lycanore (Fire.Psychic) by therandomrudeelf

Plus two more submissions that wouldn’t fit into the photoset!

11. Psykit (Fire/Psychic) by scu-tumbls

12. Fynx (Fire / Dragon) by galvanisthedog

Please vote on this post only.  Which one do you like best?

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  5. entos-dojo answered: 11
  6. undomanimigliore answered: 10
  7. supernerdlaurent answered: Nomadine
  8. hypervelocitywolfcannon answered: Mockafox is clearly the best and most accurate representation of Game Freak’s Pokemon design department.
  9. rythos answered: Nomadine, even though it is clearly Journey-based and won’t happen. :D Oh well.
  10. tumblokami answered: Fanakindle
  11. timmmu answered: 8
  12. empyrean-aspect answered: identitypollution
  13. purdyssciencecorner answered: 1
  14. qilinmon answered: 3 and 9 its too hard to pick between the two ’ ~ ‘;;;
  15. puriq answered: 3
  16. yourfaceislovely answered: omfg nagekis for sure~!! it reminds me of Journey and it is just like wow *o*(so 9~~)
  17. adamdreifus answered: 9!
  18. oshino answered: #9 and #3
  19. terriermonz answered: 3
  20. captainvonkummerspeck answered: 7!!!
  21. jaakuszugaikotsu answered: 7 all the way
  22. mrpandragon answered: 7’s the only one that’s worth much of anything.
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  25. izalveri answered: Nomadine
  26. scuudles answered: Sooo hard to choose between numbers 1 and 3, but I think I’m gonna go with 1 ‘cuz it doesn’t look as much like a pre-existing Pokemon.
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    Time to vote for the Fire ones! My entry for this one isn’t so good. :x Personally I like numbers 1, 3, and 8 best.
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  29. coffeedragonart answered: #3
  30. aetherwings answered: #3 Keshimeg
  31. smeenilicious answered: 10
  32. sandscales answered: 3!
  33. sterfsterf answered: 7
  34. a-curious-mage answered: Nomadine!! Journey is awesome and this one is sweet!